"Genius is the spirit, the rise of superconsciousness."

- Ramtha

Filmmaker Paulina Amador shares her genius insights behind the making of her groundbreaking documentary “EVOLUTION: The Genius Equation.”

"A big aspect of genius is the ability to make new brain connections leading to an unknown, unexpected outcome. Just that simple concept opens up more expansive possibilities for anyone; therefore, any average person is able to think beyond their comfort zone and start to ask greater questions."

Paulina Amador

“I wanted to know everything about the role of women, to shine light on and set the record straight about their extraordinary accomplishments. Hopefully, my documentary, EVOLUTION: The Genius Equation, will inspire other women to know that they themselves have an opportunity to become geniuses as well.”

Paulina Amador

“EVOLUTION: The Genius Equation is a manual on the mind. I don’t want anyone else to narrate it but me.”

– Linda Evans

”This documentary is showing us that there is nothing we can't do, because mind, which is what genius comes out of, is not male or female; it is just mind. We are actually going to give birth to ourselves in a whole new way… anything we are passionate about we can become a genius with.”

Linda Evans

“You have to find your own place of recognition of your value and when you do, and let the past go and live in the joy of what you have now, it becomes a wondrous world.”

Linda Evans

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