Episode V:
Genius Mind – The Blu Room Experience


In this second episode, we learn about JZ’s journey leading to the invention of the Blu Room Experience.



Today, we begin an extraordinary conversation with the legendary JZ Knight, inventor of the patented Blu Room technology, author of the book, “A State of Mind, My Story,” and the unique channel of Ramtha, the Enlightened One.

“Just remember, I created the Blu Room, filed for my patent, when I was seventy. So it just shows you that when you are going into your dotage, your mind is still pretty awesome if you just take it out of the corral it is in. The moment you go into a Blu Room, the UVB light is replacing what is aging in your body. In other words, it is a refueling to take in light again that gives the body vitality.” — JZ Knight

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